PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 3 Review

PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 3 - The series continues with freakish tree creeping lizards, visitors from another timeframe, and the ARC going into an unexpected lockdown. A decent enough episode, it suffered from weak dialogue, showed up a few practical changes the series could make – and a showcased a few moments of sheer stupidity from the ARC staff, Burton in particular.

The episode went thusly: people from another timeframe came through an anomaly and accidentally brought tree creeping lizards through with them. The lizards get dealt with, one woman stays with the ARC team and a man escapes out into the world. There’s also a lockdown at HQ because Burton is a moron, but everything is fixed by Connor’s romantic side. Not a rip roaring episode, but a fun watch nonetheless. Below are a few thoughts I had while watching: Read More...


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