Modern Family Episode Recap: "Slow Down Your Neighbors" Season 2, Episode 11

Modern Family Season 2 Episode 11 - Slow Down Your Neighbors

Happy 2011 Modern Family fans! Sorry for the delay, I didn't think the show was coming back until next week, but was happy to discover a new episode aired this week! In 2011's first episode, Cam and Mitchell welcome a new neighbor, Jay attempts to teach Gloria a new skill, and Claire's crusade to stop a neighborhood speeder might affect a business deal for Phil.

The episode opens with Cam and Mitchell putting Lily to bed when Cam notices a man outside in their hot tub. They're about to call 911 and grab a bat when they notice the stranger in the hot tub is a hottie and they decide maybe they are overreacting and they should introduce themselves. Cut to the dreamy Barry, played by James Marsden, channeling Zoolander's Hansel with a story about silently communicating with coyotes. He is relaying this story to Cam and Mitchell as all three soak in the hot tub together. They've discovered Barry is their new neighbor, living in the apartment upstairs, who mistakenly thought the hot tub was communal. Cam assures us that Barry is straight so "there's no weirdness," but Mitchell calls him out for turning into a love-struck teenager. Cam denies this, but then bursts into a fit of giggles that could easily pass for an sixth grade girl's. 

Back in the hot tub, Barry reveals he is studying to become a Reiki master and begins stroking the air above and below Cam's arm, in an effort to transfer positive energy into Cam and remove his negative energy. Mitchell clearly is not buying Barry's new age-y nonsense.

Claire, armed with a bullhorn, is standing outside her house with Luke waiting for the neighborhood speeder to blow by. Luke suggests punching speeder in the stomach "until he barfs" as a suitable punishment, but Claire thinks she'll just turn his plate number over to the police. Luke scoffs, "The police. Order a pizza and call the cops. We'll see who gets here first." Zing! Score one for Luke saying something clever! Phil and Haley join them outside, the latter extremely embarrassed by her mother's behavior. "Mom, you need a life. Why can't you just volunteer at the museum or bring pudding to old people?"

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