'The Cape': Creator Tom Wheeler discusses the show's 'pulp' roots


When we visited the set of "The Cape" in December to talk with creator Tom Wheeler, he used the word "pulp" several times in describing the show's origins. The show, which premieres Sunday (Jan. 9), is proudly old-school in its depiction of a comic book-inspired hero, and Wheeler cites several vintage heroes among its inspirations."I think about characters like the Spirit, the Shadow, Green Hornet, the earliest, purple-gloves Batman -- the more two-fisted kind of [character]," Wheeler says. "I wouldn't characterize him as a Marvel-type hero or even a DC hero. It's the simple symbolism of it, and kind of the iconic feeling of the cape, and drawing out crime stories that feel more old-school. ... It feels sort of evocative of a different age."Wheeler (who previously created ABC's 2005 miniseries "Empire") is a man who knows his comics. Asked about his early and current favorites, he rattles off a list of titles ("Growing up,...



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