'Shameless' review: The British hit travels well


The first couple episodes of the American version of "Shameless" are near-exact replicas of their British counterparts. And while there's a little something lost in translation, the show retains enough of the core of the original that -- bolstered by strong performances from top to bottom -- it's as good a remake as any import since "The Office."The series, which is about to start its eighth season in the U.K., is an intensely personal effort by creator Paul Abbott ("Cracker," "State of Play") about his upbringing in Manchester. John Wells, who's executive producing the American series for Showtime, is just as passionate about the adaptation, but the change of place and level of remove from Abbott's creation take a way a little bit of what made the original so special.None of which to say the adaptation of "Shameless" is not worth watching, because that's not the case. It's one of the best new series of...



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