Californication Review: "Exile on Main St."

Hank was released from jail to kick off season four, as trusty sidekick Charlie was there to greet him with a drink and a cigarette to open "Exile on Main St."

Despite an offer of free Denny’s breakfast to distract him, Hank insisted on going home to see Karen and Becca. More fearful of Hank’s ire than his soon-to-be ex-wife’s, Charlie gave in and agreed to take Hank home, but wanted to show him one thing first.

As they pulled up to the bookstore, the sign in the window let us know that the truth about the author of "Fucking and Punching" and his relationship with a minor had gone viral. How creepy was the bearded guy in front of the bookstore, wearing the tie and Mr. Rogers sweater? Read More...


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