'Bob's Burgers' Sees the Restaurant Accused of Serving Human Meat (VIDEO)

FOX took another stab at a new animated series for their Sunday "Animation Domination" block. 'Bob's Burgers' (Sun., 8:30PM on FOX) is from the same creative team that brought us the uniquely bizarre 'Dr. Katz.'

 'Bob' is much more traditional than 'Katz' was, but it still has that subversive edge to it.

This premiere saw the restaurant under siege from the Health Department after daughter Louise spread a rumor that the meat was made from human flesh. The fact that the restaurant is set next to a mortuary made things even worse. The fact that the health inspector used to date Bob's wife, Linda, turned it into a nightmare.

And yet, after fighting all episode against the stigma of serving human meat, it turned out to give them one of their best days ever.



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