The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.13 "Tour-Ture" Review

The Real Housewives of Atlanta returned from it's short winter hiatus and set the stage for the drama that might permeate throughout the rest of the season.

"Bam, Bitch! Now What?!"

When Phaedra declared her latest social function (a "sip 'n' see") a "Southern tradition," I had to wonder if she was from some sort of parallel universe because I had never heard of such a thing. After a quick Google search, it was revealed that Phaedra actually hadn't made anything up this time around concerning her latest display of bourgeois tomfoolery. With that said, it was still a bit much.

Other than Dwight's increasingly irrelevance on the show, the party presented us with a truce between Phaedra and Kim, who presented her nursing papers to Phaedra proving she's a registered nurse. After having the truth slammed in her face, Phaedra fell back on hearsay as the basis of her ignorance towards Kim's past profession. Funny. Wasn't it hearsay that Phaedra was advocating against last week in her argument with Kim? Come on now, Phaedra. Read More...


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