'Top Gear' (US) 1.08 'Car Vs. Plane' Review

The American Top Gear had its best episode yet last week, so I held out high hopes for this installment to be just as good. It meant well, but this could have been so much better - a common refrain when it comes to this series, unfortunately.

First, Rutledge drives the Porsche Panamera Turbo, which he says "looks like an eggplant," but he describes its driving experience as "holding on to a missile." He enjoys driving it on the track at top speeds, but seems decidedly less taken with it when it comes down to more mundane aspects; he wouldn't buy it himself. The Panamera has a lap time of 1:25:3, which is impressive, but everyone seems to be bored with it anyway. This segment also reminds me that I've given up hope when it comes to this show properly introducing The Stig, or telling the hosts to stop over-narrating his laps, or getting rid of that ridiculous track map. I'm not really a car enthusiast and even I feel like the show's explaining too much. Read More...



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