Desperate Housewives 7.13 "Where Do I Belong?" Review

 Desperate Housewives 7.13 Where Do I Belong? ReviewAfter watching last night's Desperate Housewives, we think it's time for the show to revisit executing the element of surprise.

Last night marked the reappearance of Zack Young (Cody Kapsch), Mary Alice and Paul Young's "son", in nearly four years. The problem is that his return was the cliffhanger 'shocker' at the end of the episode, but the surprise was ruined when Cody Kapsch's name appeared in the guest starring credits. So we knew he was going to eventually appear. It just became a matter of when and how. As the show reached the final leg of the night, it was easy to notice Zach as the "flower guy" despite the disguise he wore. However, the whole planting of the gun in Bree's house somewhat salvaged the surpise of Zach's return and added a new layer to the 'Who Shot Paul Young?' mystery.

Does this mean that Zach tried to take his own father out? While it's pretty plausible, the truth is still murky. There are numerous ways this scenario could play out. 1) Zach could've been the one who pulled the trigger and is trying to frame Beth. The only con to this scenario is how could Zach possibly know where Beth would be seated to discover the gun? 2) Zach shot Paul and tried to frame Bree. This could stem from Zach's attachment to Bree when he was younger, but why would he want to frame her for shooting his dad, who he despises? 3) Beth placed the gun in the couch in an attempt to get back at the ladies and win brownie points with Paul. The only problem is that in Paul's eyes, it's too little too late. 4) Paul could've possible set Zach up to frame Bree. The problem with this particular scenario is that it's kind of a stretch.

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