Meteor: path to nonsense


This is, according to several critics, the worst plot in movies about meteorites:

Why do the scientists have to drive from Mexico to the US to give the vital data? Couldn´t they have sent it via E-mail, like most scientists do, and the rest of the world?

How can only the "assistant" come up with the notion of the meteorite splitting in two upon impact, is the rest of the worldwide scientific community too dumb to get to the same conclusion?

If the meteorite did split up, wouldn´t both pices arrive at the same time?

A comet cannot possibly break e meteorite in two, made of solid rock, or modify its path if it´s smaller and made of ice. That´s basic Physiscs.

How much bad luck can the young assistant possibly get? First the car runs out of petrol, then the Professor dies, the truck driver doesn´t want to drive her to the US anymore, she encounters two copkillers in a police station(which she manages to kill on her own, although they´re bigger and managed to first excape and then execute the officers), she gets arrested at the Border which is obvious because she stole a Police car and has a gun on the passenger´s seat! Then a truck on fire collides with the Mexican police car, in which she sits, head on, and this only in the first episode!

If the meteorites start hitting California then the following ones should hit the Pacific ocean, then Australia, then Asia and Europe at last, because the earth rotates from right to left and not the other way round!

How can there be only one small observatory in the world that sees the impact, and can predict its trajectory better then NASA and the American Military? Are they all stupid?

The subplot about the copkiller and its counterparts is so stupid that is seriously irritating for most of the time.

The music is a dumb mixture of teenie series like A-team and videogames from the 80´s.

Why did the Nurse-Mum think about saving her son only after having evacuated the entire Ward?


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Jul 28, 2009 4:12AM EDT

Ah, yes. Many, many plot holes (peppered by meteorite strikes, no doubt). The cop sub plot was dreadful; way too long; way too contrived. The assistant was a walking disaster-zone - go near her and die! Way too much all in all. Decent specia effects though. Some of them.

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