PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Salt Meet Wound” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Salt Meets Wound" Season 1 Episode 12 – "A" certainly has taken things to another level in this episode of Pretty Little Liars. Rather than just blasting messages containing secrets, A has decided to blackmail Hanna. What does A want and why does A seem to be targeting Hanna?

Hanna is out of the hospital which prompts Mona to throw a surprise party at her house. Who doesn’t want a bunch of high schoolers rummaging through their house when they can barely get around? Unfortunately, the party gave A the opportunity to steal Hanna’s mother’s stolen money. I am sure there is irony in there somewhere. Melissa and Ian are on their honeymoon and sending photos to their family. Toby is out of jail and we find out that it was Jenna that called the cops on him. Emily and Maya finally have a dinner with Emily parents and an awkward one at that. "A" tries to ruin Spencer’s relationship with Alex by applying to a tennis camp in Sweden for him to which he doesn’t want to go. Naturally, he thinks the super competitive Alex did it. Read More...


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