Recap of Castle, Season 3, Episode 12: "Poof, You're Dead" - Wetpaint

Tobias Strange Sparkles in Episode 3.12

Lanie and Esposito Are Totally Hooking Up: And need to cover it up. But we don’t: Lanie and Esposito are totally hooking up! Meanwhile, Castle and Gina got into a fight at Le Cirque and it’s all over the paper. Really? Anyway...

There’s A Magician Technician in the Water: Zalman Drake, owner of Drake’s Magic Shop, is found dead in a water-torture-tank-trick-thing in said shop. Sad. But if you work in a magic shop, kind of an epic way to go, no? There’s a suicide note (with no signature) explaining that he was about to lose the family business. Zalman’s assistant mentions two important things: 1. Zalman had been MIA a lot recently. 2. A guy threw Zalman through a display case last month. This guy is Jerome, who sued Zalman for reading his mind — which was filled with adulterous thoughts — in front of his wife. Now whose fault is that? Jerome alibis out. Moving on. Zalman also got a guy named Charles Russell kicked out of the American Magician’s Guild for misuse of explosives in his act. Chuck’s fingerprints were all over the suicide note. A little incriminating. But as it turns out...

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