Effing BullSH**--I HATE this piece of crap.

I actually READ the story--the end was that they rode into the mist; never giving up and ready to struggle against the odds to try and make a life in the new and insanely dangerous world. But that's the effing point; no matter how bad it got; THEY DIDN'T GIVE UP. They did NOT roll over and die. The hero did NOT look his son in the eye and blow his head off. As a single parent of my own son--I cannot express to you how un-frickin'-believably stupid that damned ending was. It left me speechless with rage and yelling "YOU PUSSY!!!" at the screen. This re-write of what was an awesome storys' ending RUINED the ENTIRE movie. Go read the book--because this movie is SH*T. It should be mulched for fertilizer;because that's all its good for. And unless I'm mistaken; I'm the only person to review this movie who actually DID read the story; because if anyone else here had--they'd be as pissed as I am. S.K.: how could you let them sh*t on your work like this?


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