PARENTHOOD “Meet the New Boss” Review

PARENTHOOD "Meet the New Boss" Season 2 Episode 12 – Each Braverman is trying to find his or her place–Adam in his company, Crosby with the kindergarteners, and Kristina and Sarah with their daughters–in the "Meet the New Boss" episode of PARENTHOOD.

There is a nice juxtaposition of mother-daughter relationships here. As much as Sarah can frustrate me–and, frankly, she’s supposed to–she and Amber have this tremendous connection that melts my heart and their interactions are so alternately awkward and heartfelt, gentle and brutal. More than anything, they feel very real and raw. Sarah tries so–too–hard in some ways and in other ways just misses the boat, but in the end, she owns her mistakes and we get that astonishing heartfelt talk and "I’m so impressed and so in awe of you." and "Hey, you know what? You can fly, too." One of these days I’m going to get through an episode without welling up, but it certainly wasn’t going to be this one. Also, Mae Whitman has an achingly lovely singing voice. Read More...


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