The Game 4.01/4.02 "Parachutes/Beach Chairs" Review

"Game On, Bitches!"

With those words, Tasha Mack welcomed us back to the world of The Game after it was cancelled back in 2009 by The CW. Now on BET, the show has a new life, new attitude, and most definitely a whole new audience to cater to. Thanks to BET's New Years Day Weekend marathon of the first three seasons, I became a fan quick and felt elated to see the characters back in their element tonight, despite me getting into it so late in the game (no pun intended). For a lot of people, it was as if a long lost friend had finally reentered their lives after a painful split. However, a friend's absence can bring a lot of baggage to the table, and The Game was no different last night.

The show picked up two years after we saw Melanie and Derwin finally tie the knot and they are happily married. But that might be in jeopardy after the stunt Melanie pulled tonight, which backfired dead in her face. After getting a paternity test done by a friend to see if Janay (Gabrielle Dennis) is using Derwin Jr. (DJ) as a golden meal ticket, Melanie receives results displaying that Derwin is not the father. Melanie tells Derwin the news and he flies off the handle, but when he notices how Janay is spending money trying to keep up with Melanie's wardrobe, he asks Janay if the news is true. Her shocked face is the only answer we got, but it seemed to be enough for a broken-hearted Derwin. Just when you think things couldn't get any worse, Melanie's friend calls to report that she did the test wrong, meaning Derwin IS DJ's father! Read More...


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