THE MIDDLE “The Big Chill” Review

THE MIDDLE "The Big Chill" Season 2 Episode 12 – Axl tortures a mechanical baby, Sue and Brick get a lesson in home repair, and Mike freezes out Frankie for an unexpected reason in the "The Big Chill" episode of THE MIDDLE.

"I thought it was $20!" This is my favorite Frankie and Mike story to date. Oh, Frankie, rule number one is that the smaller the jar of eye cream, the more insanely expensive it is. Always. Love the scooping it back into the jar and that Frankie takes every free sample as she threatens to take her business elsewhere. I also think Mike freezing her out is extraordinarily well-played. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing someone is angry and wanting to get the fight over with, and Frankie’s fight with herself is spot-on and hilarious. That the reason for Mike’s anger is actually much more poignant and resonating than Frankie’s mistake is icing on the cake. "You think that I like it that we’re at the point in our lives where we have to have 4 jobs just to stay poor?" Nicely played re: frustrated dreams and the reality of the economy. For such a funny show, The Middle often surprises me with its depth, though it really shouldn’t by now. Read More...


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