'Friday Night Lights': The Yoko Factor


The Lions lost their most recent game, clearly.And in an odd turn of events for "Friday Night Lights," we see it all go wrong in a torturous, in-fighting-filled flashback. The evil body-snatcher that has replaced Vince (Michael B. Jordan) calls his own plays, penalties are thrown, interceptions made and the general melee ensues.In the locker room, immediately after the embarrassing defeat, Hastings (Grey Damon) takes lead in the blame game, because apparently he was made a series regular just to introduce the team to moonshine and then watch their briefly sound relationship unfurl. Eric (Kyle Chandler) bursts in and tell them to get the hell out of the field house (excuse us!), before the Greek chorus of local sports radio chimes in with some delightfully ambiguous criticism for East Dillon: "Maybe we counted our chickens too soon folks, and maybe those chickens have come to roost." Read More...



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