'Top Chef All-Stars': Two go home, one comes out?


We pick up right where we left off, the unjust Chinatown elimination. And the only contestant more loathed than the miraculously enduring Jamie is Marcel, who's back in the habit -- and not in the Sister Mary Clarence way. He's being "salty," as Dale charmingly puts it, berating the winner for not being invested in the game -- despite trying hard enough to, you know, win. It seems as though he's about is break out one of his Season 2 raps, but alas, he just growls his opossum growl.The gang finds out that they're going to Montauk for a fishing trip. It's also a double elimination, which never ceases to sound disgusting. Also? No quickfire today, it's straight into it. The cheftestants are given five hours to catch as many fish as they can and then cook it on the beach for 200 people. They are divided into four teams of three. Read more...



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