‘Off the Map’ Season Premiere ‘Pilot’: TV Recap

Shonda Rhimes is at it again, with a medical soap set not in romantically-rainy Seattle (like "Grey’s Anatomy") or tony L.A. (like "Private Practice") but in the remote jungles of South America. But not even sending the drama below the Equator can stamp out the "Grey’s" DNA that spawned "Off the Map." Expect plenty of long looks, hints at dark pasts, simmering sexual tensions and spontaneous, soul-emptying monologues.

Episode one: Lily, Tommy and Mina are three fresh-faced, naive (Tommy doesn’t know, when he’s called one, what a "gringo" is) American doctors. And they’re having a bad first day at their new job — at a remote medical clinic in a third-world South American country. (Which one? It’s never actually mentioned by name. Minor details!). Lily has to cut a bleeding tourist down from a zip line, Tommy butts heads with a father who doesn’t want his TB-ridden children treated, and Mina is stuck at the clinic trying to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Read More...



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