Off The Map Capsule Review - Yup, It's a Doctor Show

Attaching the name 'Shonda Rhimes' to a Doctor show instantly raises expectations, and perhaps causes a little bemusement as well; hasn't Rhimes done enough Doctor shows? To be sure, Off The Map is a huge departure from Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice in terms of its production ambitions, trading the sound stages of LA for on-location filming in Hawaii - but at the end of the day, it's still that tried and true formula of hunky and svelte young doctors jumbled with statesmen like elders in a sexual and emotional metling pot fraught with not-so-subtle innuendo and characters that ooze with pathos infused back-stories.

Sure sounds like a riff on the old Rhimes formula, but Off The Map is actually created by Jenna Bans - who no doubt contributed to the Rhimes aura through her own work on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Read More...


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