‘Top Chef All-Stars’: Episode 6 Recap, ‘We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat’

In this week’s episode of "Is Jamie Still On This Show?", we come back to the chefs where we left them, grumbling that another competent chef (Casey) was sent home, leaving behind our anti-heroine, sulky Jamie. When the chefs retire for the night, Marcel, clearly a few drinks in, Marcels-out on Dale, accusing him of cutting corners in order to score a win.

"What. Ever!" he says, making passive-aggressive tweens everywhere proud. He’s tipsy, gesturing and slurring and evoking (suburban) street toughness, like a would-be tough guy of some ’90s-era rap-rock outfit. Dale eyes him coldly, and says that only anger management lessons keep him from giving Marcel a Homer Simpson-style throttle then and there. (Ah, well.)

Bleary-eyed, the chefs head into the kitchen the next day…to find a note where Padma should be. A ransom note? No! They’re going fishing! On a boat! The chefs disembark in Montauk Point, where they are split into teams of three and sent off to fish for their dinner. There will be no quick fire challenge this week, but a double-elimination instead. Read More…



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