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So...I was expecting the usual - an interesting/amusing case of murder where our dear ol' charming ex-pseudo psychic will use his great talents to uncover a story behind the murder. But what I did not expect the twist of irony and despair as well as a slight touch of originality. The irony is that what actually touched and showed up to Patrick was an actual psychic, an occupation that we all know Patrick thinks is fake and worthy of mockery. At first I thought, "Great...so they introduce this psychic, they're probably going to make it seem like she's a fake and in the end, they'll end it enigmatically so the episode doesn't really answer Patrick's belief, but rather leave a notion that the world is still a mysterious place and the idea of the presence of the supernatural is yet to be officially answered." Well...it was kind of like that. But, not the way that I expected. I thought it was beautiful (yes...bee-yoo-tiful) how the producers ended the episode. It ended the way I suspected (not fully answering if psychics are real or not) but the way it ended was quite impressive. The calm cool Chesire cat Patrick actually revealed his inner torment. A cleavage that shows how his inner guilt is so tightly locked up as well as the twisted relief and angst he feels. What can you do but sit there and breakdown after hearing that? I finally see his true emotion.

It was brilliant acting, and I loved how they thought of the idea to be in the interrogation room where Patrick would always reveal the truth about suspects. Well, it was his turn now. And well directed was that scene, especially when the girl respectfully closed the door - the person by the way that always fought teeth and nails with Patrick about the idea of the supernatural - and the camera focused on the room number. The way the producers brought out the notion the psychic was telling the truth about her abilities was genius as she genuinely asked him the question only he truly would know. I knew the reason he looked so sullen when Claire said that parents are suppose to protect their children is because he knew he could not protect his, but I never knew that would tie in with the powerful ending. Overall, it was a well respected scene and episode.


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Nov 28, 2008 2:10AM EST

What she told him about him hiding his true self was no suprise the guy had it tough with psychics and the killer... and I agree that the ending was very beautiful

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