Appreciate the wit and sincerity, but it seems too unrealistic

Does anyone notice as the episodes go by, Patrick's assumptions and suggestions seem too overreaching and unrealistic? Sometimes I scoff and mumble "Yeah right" at how he came to conclusions. At least in Psych, it shows how the main guy gets to his conclusions, but Patrick seems vague and odd at times. But I suppose the show also describes how thought processes in overly talented people not easily understood by others of normal wavelength are processed (i.e.: how he found the car keys by the plant using the female agent's body patterns and reactions).

On another note, I like this show thus far. It could improve in some places, but the character is intriguing with his whimsical personality and unique charm. Sorry to admit, every time I saw the guy, he screamed "Devil Wears Prada," but now he's is starting to form a serious character now. I like how the director silently points the camera to people's reactions and then seemingly random places that later connect with the crime. Like for the episode about the Red John imitator, how the camera briefly glanced at the criminal psychology book on the bookshelf that later tied into Patrick's conclusion that he was lying. It's a bit refreshing. Almost like it's pruposely saying "can you guess before the show reveals the culprit?" Plus, the bitter and sarcastic boss with humorous good-looking witty colleagues are not bad additions either.

Overall, nothing spectacular, but there is some worth here. Besides...the dude's hot. He makes me want to be more keen on my surroundings now.


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Oct 25, 2008 2:35AM EDT

When I see Simon Baker I always remember the TV show, Guardian, in which he was a drug addicted lawyer forced by the court to do community service with legal aid and kids. I always liked him and am happy to see him able to transcend that other character and be something a bit different. I have also seen him in another movie (forget the name) and am impressed that he is not a one-dimensional actor.

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