GREY’S ANATOMY “Start Me Up” Review

GREY’S ANATOMY "Start Me Up" Season 7 Episode 12 - This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy finds a new crop of first year residents and yet another race for chief resident. I swear we just went down this road at Seattle Grace, but perhaps it has been a year.

Just when I thought this show was going to be about filler, with only small plotlines involving Bailey and Teddy mainly, Callie went and dropped a bombshell. Baby Sloan? Holy cow. Talk about changing the dynamics. First, we know that Mark will want to keep that baby and raise that baby if he ever finds out about it. Personally, I think a Mark/Callie parenting team would be rather awesome. However, that is quite a wrench to throw into an already struggling relationship especially after Arizona just admitted that she runs when things get hard. Can things be any harder than your ex of less than a month being pregnant with another person’s baby? I think not. Read More...


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