BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “The Better Father” Review

BLEEP MY DAD SAYS "The Better Father" Season 1 Episode 13 – BLEEP MY DAD SAYS misfired again with yet another episode centered around the (yawn) just uninteresting secondary characters of Vince and Bonnie. Last week, it was the making a baby story, this time, it turns our their marriage is invalid, so they have to get married again. Ugh. Sitcom cliche #47 – collect them all.

Ed wants to avoid the new wedding because Bonnie’s father Terry (Ed Begley Jr.) is coming and he doesn’t like him. Why? Because he was a flake the first time out, known for taking money and worse, but now it seems he’s a nice guy when he shows up.

The scenes with Henry and Vince as a Groomzilla whining were terrible. And then there’s Bonnie pissy with Ed (yet again). Really, this is the best they can do with a show based on some really funny one-liners and longer anecdotal graphs of amusing stuff, too? The program has completely lost its premise, its anchor and is drifting to boredom land. Read More...


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