'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Conception Problems

Tonight’s theme? Inappropriate relationships. Kind-of amazing that it took them seven seasons to address that, isn’t it? In any case, let’s look at the major developments in the vast number of inappropriate relationships among our favorite lusty TV docs:

Derek & Meredith

Remember, they used to be so totally inappropriate! So inappropriate she lost her black panties on the floor when they had sex in one of the hospital rooms and then it was this whole big deal! Ah, how far we’ve come. Now she’s appropriately desperate to appropriately have his in-wedlock baby, and she’s freaking out that it’s not happening immediately. (Sweetheart, you’re in your, ahem, late 30s. What did you expect? You’re a doctor. You should know these things.) As she whined that her pregnancy test came back negative that morning, Cristina’s advice was succinct: "Pee on a bunch of sticks. Don’t let the one stick win." Clearly no one here is in obstetrics, that’s for sure. Read More...



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