HUMAN TARGET “Imbroglio” Review

HUMAN TARGET "Imbroglio" Season 2 Episode 9 – This episode was so Die Hard it’s not even funny. Chance was John McClane, Ilsa was his ex-wife and Winston was Sergeant Al Powell. I’m not sure who Guerrero was but then again, Guerrero is so unique he doesn’t need to be anybody else.

This episode started with Ilsa’s suffering from flashbacks after being attacked by Lopez and subsequently killing him to save herself. The last thing she probably needed was to be put into another situation with men holding guns on her, but as both Chance and her sister-in-law said, she’s tough and if anything I think it might actually help her get through her issues. I liked the continuity to the previous episode and the fact that they didn’t just sweep what happened to her under the rug. Chance was very sweet to follow her home, still doing his best to protect her, but I also like that she told him she didn’t need him any longer. Read More...


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