Skins USA: Meet Tea - Your American 'Maxxie'

Maxxie Oliver was the embodiment of fun and liberation that defined the first group of Bristol teens who occupied the world of Skins. He was a dancer and loved it. He was gay and loved it. He lived life and loved it. In fact, you could say life was Maxxie’s drug of choice and he couldn’t get enough of it. While everybody loved Maxxie for who he was (it’s pretty much impossible to hate the guy), his best friend Anwar had issues with Maxxie’s sexuality, which ended up causing a tiff between the two friends down the line. Tony also took notice of Maxxie’s sexuality, but tried to use Maxxie as a springboard to venture into a curious bout of bisexuality. ‘Disaster’ doesn’t even begin to describe the mess that came from that incident, but Maxxie still came out somewhat unscathed. Tony? Not so much. Read More...


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