Parenthood 2.13 "Opening Night" review

"I don’t want to do this anymore."

A simple line can sometimes can it all and boy does it ever in the case of "Opening Night", the climax of the Crosby-led school play and descent of the Haddie storyline from refreshing and honest to hollowed out cliché. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Whereas control was the name of the game last week, this week Team Braverman dealt with issues of honesty and just exactly how much truth your loved ones should receive. Even though the phrase "theme episode" tends to have a lot of negative connotations, I really enjoy when Parenthood takes a concept and delicately shows several different sides of it. In tonight’s case, we got to see Crosby confront Jasmine for more parental weight, Kristina being hurt that Haddie refuses to confide in her, Haddie and Alex’s relationship coming back into the light, and Zeke proving not to be such an awful guy. Read More...


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