'Teen Mom 2' recap: Coming Clean

On last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, everyone had something to hide, for reasons of embarrassment (Chelsea, who invited that awful boyfriend to her house), sadness (Leah, who learned about Ali's potentially life-changing condition) or pride (Jenelle, who asked to be taken back in). Let's see how the girls fared.

Isn't it just grand when you live with your friends and can drink soda straight out of the bottle? Such is life for Chelsea except for, er, the whole baby thing. As expected, she was finding it hard to live with an untethered roommate who had the freedom to go out. That, coupled with the fact that she has been desperate to find a companion, led Chelsea to give in to her ex-boyfriend's texts. But while Chelsea forgot about his profanity-laden text, Megan certainly did not. "I don't think so," she said after Chelsea said he might come to their house. I initially had doubts about Megan as a roommate. Would she actually be okay with a baby in the house? Would she be able to handle it? That remains to be seen, but what was clear was, that unlike the other Teen Momfriends, Megan actually speaks up. She doesn't just listen when her friend makes a bad decision; she gives her opinion, which just so happens to coincide with my own. Read More...



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