The Good Wife 2.11 "Two Courts" Review

Just when I thought that Derrick Bond was out (because where the hell has he been?), he's in the office and talking about keeping Diane on the payroll for the next two months before forcing her out. I guess he's really good at making entrances. Now I just want him gone. If the show runners felt they made a bad choice and wanted him off the canvas, there were other ways to do it without them making him a complete ass of a human being.

There is so much happening behind the scenes. Blake was made Kalinda's supervisor? Where did that come from?  We found out, but until then, I didn't like the direction we were heading with the civil war and break up of the company. They were all taking up sides, keeping secrets, digging into backgrounds with no reason. It was getting ugly and infringing upon my enjoyment of the normal discomfort we witness with downright ickiness. Ordinarily, their uneasiness with each other can be delightful; but too much is too much. When Will and Diane finally found common ground, I felt relief. While the idea of two separate firms was palatable and ripe with story possibilities, together; they are a family. Dysfunctional, but that's what The Good Wife is all about. Read More...


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