PARENTHOOD “Opening Night” Review

PARENTHOOD "Opening Night" Season 2 Episode 13 – The eternal question of how much to help and/or protect your child is the central theme of the "Opening Night" episode of PARENTHOOD as Drew needs to sell $500 worth of Christmas wrap, Jabbar no longer wants to do his part in the play, and Haddie gets caught with Alex.

"Support the Procrastinator." I want that sign. I thought at first Seth was going to be the "some guy" who bought all of Drew’s ridiculous wrapping paper, but I love that Zeek is the moron, the old softie. It’s nice to see Sarah involved in parenting storylines instead of her love life–her choices earlier this season worried me, but she seems more grounded around Drew and Amber and her counting out her tips and feeling awful is so ridiculously sad. Does she make anything at the bar? She doesn’t pay rent, she doesn’t pay for the thin mints, and she still doesn’t have any money. Ouch. Read More...


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