NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Detention” Review

NO ORDINARY FAMILY "No Ordinary Detention" Season 1 Episode 13 - It’s movie night on NO ORDINARY FAMILY – a mix of Die Hard, X-Men, and Breakfast Club. Criminals take over the precinct during an Internal Affairs investigation by officer Rachel Jacobs (Joanne Kelly). Thinking Jim is a rogue cop, Rachel reveals him to the thugs when he tries to help by taking them down one by one. Human Resources VP (and shape-shifter) Victoria Morrow causes Global Tech labs to lock down, changing into Katie’s image to get at ailing Joshua with the serum. JJ and Daphne both get detention.

While last week’s episode didn’t provide any enlightening information, concerning Dr. King’s relationship with Joshua or Joshua’s history, it did set up a point of transition for the series as a whole. In tonight’s episode "No Ordinary Detention", it’s apparent that, not only has the storyline focus been directed towards the research mystery, the Powells’ powers have become very much a part of their individuality. Nicely illustrated from the start of No Ordinary Family, the Powells have gone through an experimenting stage, an adjustment period, and the bravado felt from pushing the limits. Now their powers have become reflexive, as if it were another appendage used instinctually. Read More...


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