LIGHTS OUT “Cakewalk” Review

LIGHTS OUT "Cakewalk" Season 1 Episode 2 – After breaking a man’s arm last week, Lights is taken in for questioning by the police in front of his family. His car is repossessed. His daughters are worried and his wife is quick to provide him with a false alibi. He needs money fast but the loan shark Brennan isn’t paying up and his bank account is frozen. Journalists are sniffing around his feet. Then of course there is the impending rematch with Reynolds and his onset dementia. Needless to say, Lights is in quite a fix.

Hopefully Lights Out will improve in ratings because it certainly deserves an audience. Being tentative about watching the second episode is common, because that is where a show generally falters. The second episode of Lights Out certainly did not disappoint. It introduced Lights’ sister who owns a diner and his journalist school friend who is sharp on the trail of his financial difficulties. Then there is the loan shark villain Brennan. Read More...


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