PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 4 Review

PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 4 - Now this is more like it: dinosaurs, death, destruction, mayhem. The pretty girl doesn’t miraculously survive until the end, the geeky guy really doesn’t get the girl, and just when you think they may be getting a handle on things – a whole nest of dinosaurs in the canteen.

This was a good episode. That’s not to say that I can’t find anything to complain about – I always do – but at least there aren’t any massive plot errors like last week. Connor once again calls Philip ‘the most awesomest man that ever lived – ever!’ (paraphrased, natch), having seemingly forgotten that Philip’s add-on program caused a lockdown of the facility because Philip was too much of a dumbass to a) tell Connor anything useful, b) give himself a secondary way of shutting down the system and c) double-check to make sure that no dinos were out and about for whatever reason. But I digress. Read More...


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