EPISODES “Episode 2'' Review

EPISODES "Episode 2? Season 1 Episode 2 - I was lucky enough to see EPISODES‘ "Episode 2? early and I’m happy to say it both builds and improves upon the premiere with Matt LeBlanc playing a much bigger role and while tonight’s installment covers two Hollywood standbys: the business lunch and the dinner party, it feels fresh.

We pick up right where we left off at the end of the premiere: Sean and Beverly sitting in slack-jawed horror at Carol’s suggestion that Matt LeBlanc become the Lyman in ‘Lyman’s Boys.’ Luckily that means Matt LeBlanc, who was only seen briefly last week, is now front and center in the show. He is excellent playing a charming, arrogant, and manipulative version of himself who shares next to nothing with Friends‘ Joey. LeBlanc lightly walks the line of likeable doofus and calculating Hollywood player, and Matt’s interactions with Sean and, especially in this episode, Beverly, are delightfully well-played. Read More...



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