Episodes 1.2 "Episode Two" Review

The magic of Hollywood is wearing off pretty damned fast for Bev and Sean Lincoln. Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig are laugh out loud funny as the married couple whose dream of a successful show are crumbling before their eyes. The studio has the perfect person in mind for their lead role (as if we didn't already know this) - Matt LeBlanc! Stunned, Sean quips, "For the erudite verbally dexterous headmaster of an elite boys academy, you're suggesting - Joey?"

The lines are just getting funnier this week on Episodes. The delivery is spot on. When a young, surgically enhanced woman walks by Sean and Beverly's table in a restaurant and Sean follows her unabashedly, this exchange made me laugh out loud.
Bev:  "Your're kidding."
Sean: "What?"
Bev: "What? She almost tripped over your tongue. You really like that?""
Sean: "Yes."
Bev: "They're so obviously fake."
Sean: "Yes."
Bev: "That doesn't bother you?"
Sean: "She's not hurting anybody."




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