The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.14 "Flamingo Road Block" Review

Trying to come up with which side was wrong in the two main arguments on this week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta shouldn’t have taken much brain power on my part. However, the parties in both clashes had a few valid points, some more prominent than others. So in an attempt to give everyone the benefit of a doubt, let’s take a look at who was wrong and how, while also giving props were they were deserved.

Who Was Wrong and How


Offense #1: The Entire Sweetie Debacle

Where Was She Wrong: Okay from a black person’s perspective, the "Auntie Mame" treatment of Sweetie was noticed by almost everyone since the girl was introduced on the show. People didn’t like it, whether they were black or white, and it was high time for someone to allude to it, because it’s gotten simply out of hand. Even if Sweetie were Caucasian, Kim’s conduct would still annoy the hell out of everyone, because it’s like Kim’s a whiny princess who can’t do for herself, even though she claims the opposite. The ‘whiny’ name-calling and constant "I’m a helpless person" motif, has molded over and is unhealthy to our consciousness.  So with Sweetie being ‘African-American,’ it only escalates the issue, especially since the two are mostly around other ‘black’ people the majority of the time. Kim might not see it, but that’s an even bigger problem if she doesn’t. Read More...


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