BOB’S BURGERS “Crawl Space” Review

BOB’S BURGERS "Crawl Space" Episode 2 – The second episode of Fox’s quirky new series, BOB’S BURGERS, "Crawl Space" aired last night with the Belcher family in a much more classic sitcom situation than before. To avoid spending time with his obnoxious but well meaning in-laws, Bob intentionally gets himself stuck in the crawl space of his home and what first seems like a brilliant hideout quickly becomes a prison he can’t escape.

Bob sets up a system to keep the restaurant running while avoiding any interaction with his in-laws. His concerned wife calls a contractor, Teddy, out to help Bob get unstuck. If you’ve ever been stuck in an awkward situation with a person who loved to talk even if no one was listening, you’ll know exactly who Teddy is. That guy who you can’t stand but is too nice to just be mean to. Teddy’s rambling is hilarious only because you’re not Bob and Teddy isn’t talking to you. Bob convinces Teddy to postpone his removal so that Bob could hide in the crawl space for the entire duration of his in-laws visit. Read More...


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