AMERICAN DAD “Fartbreak Hotel” Review

AMERICAN DAD "Fartbreak Hotel" Season 6 Episode 9 – FOX aired AMERICAN DAD‘s first episode of 2011, "Fartbreak Hotel" in its new 7:30pm timeslot tonight, opening with a montage of Francine’s mundane daily routine in the Smith household set to Electric Light Orchestra and peppered with the blood-and-guts-can-be-funny visuals we’ve come to expect from American Dad. Thanks to Roger’s gassy reaction to Francine’s okra casserole, the Smith family finds themselves spending a week at an unusual hotel while the home is under quarantine.

The majority of the episode focuses on Francine stepping into the shoes of a career woman whose life doesn’t revolve around the role of a homemaker. It’s not the freshest plotline – we’ve seen variations of this same theme explored by other animated matriarchs on The Simpsons and Family Guy – but unfortunately American Dad‘s version is not as successful as some of its predecessors. Francine’s walk on the wild side ends up revealing that while she possesses all the skills necessary to run corporate America, the people that matter to her the most barely acknowledge her. After a time-lapse, she peeks into the window of her former home to discover she’s that while she is independently successful and wealthy, the Smith family has moved on and is happy with the mom replacement they’ve found in the time that she’s been gone. It seems Francine wasn’t necessary after all. Read More...


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