Why Avatar is the Best Show I Have Ever Seen

Avatar is the combination of both American and Chinese cultures in one. It is not considered anime by Nickelodeon but neither can it be considered an American cartoon. The hilarious events on show prove it. It is the clash of this cultures that allow such an immense story to take shape. The story evolves around Aang Katara, Sokka, Toph, and (newly added) Suki saving the world. You can't shake this feeling that Aang seems to be this American little boy and yet you see him lifting up rocks and plunging water all over; something the Chinese have dreamed about for centuries. Sokka is this hyper-sarcastic guy how just can't get enough of his own world in an almost greedy-less way. That and much more is why I love Avatar and may it continue to forge its story!!! (Still in the hopes of a 4th Season!")


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