Desperate Housewives Review: "I'm Still Here"

Finally! After last week's disappointing episode, I was relieved to see the action return to Desperate Housewives in "I'm Still Here" and to see the entire cast play a big part in this installment's budding story lines.

I'm especially interested to see what happens to Gaby, who is losing it more and more each week with her unwavering affection for a doll.  Her attachment to Grace sure is troubling, and now with her carrying Princess around with her everywhere she goes?  Gaby is on her way to the looney bin – right where the doll shop owner belongs. 

Quite frankly, I’m glad that her doll was car-jacked, it was getting a little too strange watching a grown woman pretend her doll was her long lost daughter.  Especially when she already has two daughters of her own. Where are they anyways? Read More...


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