The Simpsons Review: "Flaming Moe"

Continuing the tend of what's been a surprisingly strong season for The Simpsons, last night's "Flaming Moe" turned out to be a fresh, funny episode. 

Sure, Moe's bar being renovated has been done before, but never for guys like Smithers.  You know, guys that like to host dinner parties, but don't quite have the six pack to get in across the street.

What started off as a simple business venture to impress Mr. Burns soon turned into an all-out political satire, as Moe ran for office with the support of his new swish kabob friends.  The episode had a nice message on acceptance, while further giving us insight into the already amazing, layered Moe.  Also interesting to note?  How little the word gay or homosexual was used until the ending rally. Read More...


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