'Pretty Little Liars': Noel keeps on creeping and 'A' is an Ezria shipper!


Please excuse us while we take a moment to catch our breath after those final moments of "Pretty Little Liars'" Jan. 17 episode. This show has provided us with plenty of creepy images before (Hi "A" signing Hanna's cast!), but watching the four girls see Alison's murder happen (we think), may be the series' most creeptastic moment yet. We had already seen the scene last week at the show's TCA panel, but it was just as effective the second time around. Kudos, "PLL." Kudos.In a surprising turn of events, apparently "A" is now helping the girls (OK, except for the whole trying to kill Hanna misunderstanding) with their love lives and financial problems. Is "A" also going to help the girls find Alison's killer? It sure seems like it after she sent them the video of Ian and Alison. Still, the Liars don't know what to believe anymore and neither do we. You smell that? Smells...



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