PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Know Your Frenemies” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Know Your Frenemies" Episode 13 - Well, we can definitely rule Noel out as "A." I have to say, if I were A I too would be mad that the girls thought someone as immature and sloppy as Noel was me. I wonder if this is how the rest of the season will go? Will we constantly rule out one person only to suspect another one? If we did find out A’s true identity, would we be satisfied? Or would we just say "now how could that person know everything about the girls and their lives?" It does not seem that A’s identity will be revealed anytime soon, so I guess we are just left to speculate and wonder at this point.

Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars definitely upped the creepy factor. Although the high point was the very last scene, Noel also did a rather good job of being creepy and also being everywhere. A is blackmailing Hanna in order to recover the money that her mother stole. The tasks, however, seem to only serve to humilate Hanna. How cruel can A be? On the other hand, A did get Noel busted thereby saving Mr. Fitz’s job. But was that done to assist Aria or just because A was mad at the "amateur A?" I think Aria’s father was around this episode purely to comment on the scandal of a teacher and a student having an affair. He did not appear to have any other purpose. Read More...


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