The Cape Review: "Kozmo"

The writing... oh the writing! Lines such as, "Either you wear the cape, or the cape wears you" makes me wonder if a high schooler penned this script.

Exactly which comic villains were The Cape trying to mimic with Gregor? X-Men's Gambit by carrying out card tossing assassinations?  The Joker with the makeup smeared across his face later in the episode? Or Two-Face from Batman Forever by serving as surrogate ringmaster, threatening to kill Max and lure The Cape into the limelight?  This cobbled amalgam of supervillains just felt contrived and quite simply dull.

All the theatrics with the cape are just plain awful.  There is way too much emphasis placed on the cape itself and its many uses. Seriously, are there really that many things one can do with a cape without it actually having some sort of mystical powers? Read More...


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