'The Cape': Orwell has daddy issues


Week two of "The Cape" more or less held up to the promise of the pilot -- even if the nominal "A" story took a bit of a back seat to a revelation (or at least a very strong implication) about Summer Glau's Orwell.After introducing the world of Palm City this week, the show went about filling in the back stories of the people (and garments) around Vince. Thus we got some history about the cape, a little bit about Max's past, and a hint that Peter Fleming may have some humanity left in him after all.That last bit, at least to these eyes, ties directly into what bad guy o' the week Gregor Molotov said when he read Orwell's palm. I mean, Orwell is Fleming's daughter, right? The episode never came out and said so, but the fact that Fleming is searching for his daughter, her confirming that Gregor's reading of her was right,...



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