'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 11 Recap

Well, say this for 'Chuck': It knows how to manipulate its audience. That was one heck of a switcheroo, and while many might cry foul over the way the show pulled the rug out from the show's central couple, 'Chuck Versus the Balcony' took Chuck and Sarah to a place in which both were finally on board with the idea of a life together not only as spies, but as a married couple. Would things have been better had Chuck actually gotten down on one knee before Beckman's plan took effect? Sure. But even if the inevitable has once again been postponed, at least concrete steps towards that final destination were taken.

Past episodes of 'Chuck' have featured a bumbling romantic side plot that continually undermines the ostensible serious mission at hand. Those are some of the show's weakest episodes, as it portrays its protagonist as someone thinking with something other than his brain while lives are on the line. 'Balcony' featured an overwhelming amount of romantic underpinnings to the microchip mission, but by conscious design. On an in-show level, the mission allowed Chuck and Sarah to engage in romantic impulses, given the vistas offered by the chateau. But by making the missions seem relatively mundane, the show sucker punched both Chuck and the audience by turning a seemingly boring mission of the week into a step back into the larger Volkoff storyline. Read More...



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