'The Cape' Season 1, Episode 3 Recap

Comic books almost always have origin stories. And if the pilot episode of 'The Cape' featured the origin story for Vince Faraday's transformation into the titular hero, then 'Kozmo' sought to fill in some origin stories for that fabulous piece of superhero wear as well as for Orwell. There wasn't a whole lot of forward motion in terms of reclaiming Palm City as a whole, but as Vince tells his son Trip at episode's end, "Justice takes time." (You know, roughly 13 episodes or so of time.)

Becoming a superhero is just one piece of the puzzle. Figuring out the new world order of things after announcing his presence to the world is quite another. This holds true not just for Vince, but everyone else in the city as well. Stopping an exploding tanker earns The Cape a virtual merit badge, to be sure, but it doesn't leave him better equipped to know how to take down Peter Fleming. His attempts to shake down a dirty cop from his freight yard arrest don't yield any more information, just an unwitting exposure of Orwell to Chess. And while we may not know Orwell's real first name, we now know her last. Read More...



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