Skins (US) 1.01 "Tony" Review

Tonight marked the premiere of the Americanized version of Skins on MTV and I'm not afraid to say that the show delivered, despite a lot of bile being thrown on Twitter about it at the moment.

The first episode introduced us to Tony Snyder (James Newman) and the rest of his party animal friends as they tried to get their good pal Stanley (Daniel Flaherty) to lose his virginity before his 17th birthday. This deed would mostly 'benefit' Tony than Stanley, because he feels that being a virgin is very embarassing and treats it as a bad disease no teen should have. Tony, like his UK counterpart, is a hedonistic manipulator who gets a kick out of pulling the strings of those around him, even dangling his girlfriend Michelle (Rachel Thevenard) in front of Stanley (whose madly in love with her) as if she's a piece of candy. Read More...


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